Hyperaccumulation, acquired hypersensitivity and allergy with synergistic toxins

Hypersensitivity after pesticide exposure and onset of fluoridation
A 52 year old woman living in an unfluoridated area of Florida, previously in vigorous health, and having no history of allergy or hypersensitivity to fluoride, was exposed to pesticide residue from residential application for brown pine tick infestation in January 2002. The pesticide was a proprietary formula intended for domestic use that may have contained fluorinated compounds.

In March 2002 artificial fluoridation with fluorosilicate was begun in her town. She developed first and second degree chemical burns on face, scalp, ears, chest, back, and many areas on upper body after showering.

These lesions would not heal. Severe pain, swelling and systemic symptoms of poisoning caused her to seek emergency hospital treatment. She saw 8 doctors over a 3 1/2 year period and spent $20,000 out of pocket on tests and various treatments. She was treated repeatedly with antifungal drugs and steroids but the skin condition did not improve. She became severely hyper-sensitive to household products, scents, personal care products (shampoo, deodorant, and perfume), processed foods and beverages that were previously tolerable. A specialist in chemical sensitivity syndrome diagnosed 37 food sensitivities related to residue from agricultural pesticides, and sensitivities to gasoline and diesel fumes, jet fuel, printer’s ink, moulds, and chemicals in new clothing. At times she was unable to wear clothing over her burns and was confined to her house for extended periods. She was unable to travel, see business clients or receive visitors. This caused considerable emotional distress.

She had been born and raised in an area where the well water contained natural fluoride up to 4 mg/L and has jawbone exostoses consistent with fluoride hyperaccumulation in childhood, but no dental fluorosis. As a small child she had history of frailty, nutritional malabsorption, bowel irritation, anemia, cortical bone defects, dental malocclusion and growth delay consistent with damage from excessive fluoride intake. Her parents both suffered symptoms of excessive fluoride exposure and died before reaching age 65. After leaving the area of her childhood she enjoyed good health and vitality with exemplary lifestyle and diet choices, living in various fluoridated cities without apparent harm..

After contacting an internet support group for fluoride poisoning and the Second Look - Fluoride Toxicity Research Collaborative in 2005 she was advised to try fluoride avoidance.

She installed Reverse Osmosis filtration for cooking and drinking water. She collected rain water for bathing at home, and drove forty miles to shower in unfluoridated water. She became aware of multiple sources of fluoride exposure and reduced overall intake by only eating foods grown without pesticides and herbicides. Her condition was helped by prescription thyroid hormone treatment, iodine supplementation and zeolite chelation. She learned a self-help therapy called Emotional Freedom Techniques and resolved many of the psychological factors relating to chronic disfigurement and life limitations. Her skin condition improved, eventually healed with only mild flare-ups, controlled by EFT and avoidance of fluoride, and multiple chemical sensitivities gradually lessened, all within two years.

She remains physically hypersensitive to fluoride in air, food and water but is able to live a relatively normal life through strategic fluoride avoidance, use of EFT and immediate treatment of exposure-related symptoms.

"Change your nervous system's response to the psychological trauma of fluoride poisoning and other environmental chemical toxins, and you reduce the physiological damage immediately."

EFT  http://www.emofree.com/
QT    http://www.quantumtechniques.com/Pages/whatisQT.html

ALISS TERPSTRA, CNP, RNCP, FTRC’s Research Coordinator, is a Registered Nutritional Consultant in Toronto who has been an environmental and consumer health advocate for over twenty years.

Aliss Terpstra