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What the BLEEP!
                                       You can choose to feel better
If you wonder why you have things in your life you think you did not or wouldn't choose on:

The average person uses 5% of their brain.
Depending on whether you are an optimist or pessimist..will depend on which part of your brain does most of the thinking.

The pessimist will think from the part of the brain that is used mostly to stimulate adrenaline...the fight or flight response. This part came in  handy during the cave man era. These people live under stress and things go wrong a lot. They focus on things from the perspective of...look out, watch out, why me, everything always goes wrong, and fear. They never have enough time in the day to get things done. They never get around to having fun, because they spend too much time worrying. If they accomplish something they think they will lose it. They feel out of control.

The optimist who spends  time feeling good and is happy go lucky, utilizes the creative part of the brain...the frontal lobe.. These people are happy, creative, always have enough time to accomplish the things that matter to them. They face problems with a creative solution attitude that things will work out for them. They are patient with themselves and others. They feel good.

What is going on in the other 95% of the brain we don't use....or do we? How do we tap into that part?
There are centers in the brain we use for...color,..speech, body movements, singing, counting, reading, talking etc....these parts are always active...but we include them in the 5%

What is that it the subconscious?......the place most of us act from...the place that holds the reasons why we love, hate, feel grateful, envy, are jealous, have hope or no hope,  ....all those emotions that make us feel good and make us feel bad.....our beliefs, our superstitions..................we endeavor to live in the place of the good emotions (live by the good book).

We have fantastic good intentions! But low and behold something sneaks up on us and we find ourselves in one of those bad emotions and we wonder what happened and how we got least if you're fortunate you recognize where you are at. When we were children and care free, time passed so slow and we played and had so much fun. We had innocents.  Then one by one and little by little we became suspicious, and afraid, and worried till one day...we are older and have lost our hope. All we can see is the world going to hell.

Now that I have defined things as all the bad that is hidden in the scary place of our subconscious you may think,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,why thanks, I had no idea that I am as bad off as all that.,,or you may! So I may misbehave simply because of some old stored emotion that I had long since forgotten and didn't realized it was even around...I perceive the world as a fearful place because of thoughts stored in my subconscious, that may have even gotten there from beliefs of my parents, or teachers, or that mean kid down the street,.................any way to release something that doesn't feel good in feeling it is just a matter of a little recognition of its existence  and thinking something else that feels a little better.
You could kind of think of your thoughts that are  'not feeling good' like trying to paddle a canoe or kayak up stream in the river, fighting the current. Example: I am never going to get out of my current upstream thought. Could be changed to......I have felt this way before and things worked out, maybe that could happen this time....a down stream thought.

You could also look at it like going with the flow, not giving any attention to the thoughts that don't feel good. Replacing those with thoughts that feel a little better. Before you know have moved from the pessimist part of the brain to the optimist creative part of the brain, ( all healing takes place in the body when we are in the creative part of the brain) and your boat has turned its nose into the current and you have put the oars down and the current is taking you along that wonderful experience of life.
As you practice, the feeling better thoughts become more of what is stored in the subconscious. You will have learned how to release the old beliefs and superstitions that have held you in a place of receiving things you didn't want......and you will enjoy the adventure. You will expand your 'brain' activity to tap into the subconscious and recognize those pesky negative thoughts and deliberately choose to replace them with feelings that feel better.

Your emotions are the windows into your subconscious, so you can see what is in there. You can go as deep as you want to understand yourself. You can get a center of reference to know where you are at and to make changes if you choose........this is for people who find themselves in situations that make them has this happened to me? For those who are willing to take responsibility for their own lives, and have a desire in their hearts to make a change for the better.

This is where it starts, one good feeling thought at a time. Go with the flow of life and when you find a boulder in the stream ahead of you,  those good feeling thoughts are what help you to maneuver around them. There will always be boulders! But there will always be a stream of water rushing around them and you can choose to let the current move you around them...or you can fight the flow of life and crash into them.

The choice is yours. So when you find yourself trying to go upstream or maneuvering into the boulders....go for the thoughts that make you feel better, that takes you out of the fight or flight part of the brain and into the creative part that always holds the solutions....The part that lets go and goes with the flow. You can call it anything you want, G-D, creative self, etc, etc. You can choose what feels good to you.

Our lives are comprised of many components. To have life your way, full of all the wonderful things you choose. Love, Joy, Health, Prosperity, Enlightenment, you must address every aspect of it. Physical, Mental, and Spiritual.

These are my thoughts taken from the teachings of Abraham and What the Bleep do we know.
Enjoy the links to their sites!

JoAnn Johnson
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